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Coco Canary is a certified Strategic Doing practitioner

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Who Are We?

Molly O’Connor, M.S.
Founder & CEO

Welcome to Coco Canary Consulting (CCC)! Based in St. Paul, MN, our firm provides quality evaluation and communication services. CCC’s clients include non-profit organizations, foundations, government agencies, and for-profit social impact businesses.

Molly O’Connor, the CEO of CCC, is a certified Strategic Doing practitioner and a professionally trained evaluator. They specialize in organizational and program improvement by providing Strategic Doing workshops and conducting evaluations to measure progress and impact. A firm believer in capacity building, CCC involves clients during the design, implementation, and reporting process. So to promote and build organizational capacity in both their communication and evaluation work.

Promoting social justice and racial equity are important values for CCC. They use Community Centric Fundraising’s 10 principles as a guiding force and uses a racial-equity lens in all the work that they do. CCC often partners with fellow evaluators, communication, and development consultants in their work. And, almost always partners with women-owned and/or BIPOC-lead businesses.

To learn more about us, please contact reach out or check out our CCC client testimonials under our Services pages!

Molly is the founder of Coco Canary Consulting, LLC (CCC). She received her M.S. in Natural Resource Science & Management from the University of Minnesota with a focus on program evaluation and communications. Molly also has a bachelor’s degree in biology with minors in chemistry and film production from the University of Oregon.

Molly has worked in many capacities throughout her career. Her formative years started in human services. First, Molly worked closely with children with Emotional Behavior Disorders and then spent two years as an Independent Living Specialist serving adults with disabilities. During this time, she was a writer and editor for an outdoor media magazine called RootsRated, where you can still find over 70+ published articles about Minnesota outdoor trails and adventures. She was also an educator for two different organizations: L.L.Bean and the Bell Museum. At L.L.Bean, Molly was an outdoor educator, where she led kayaking, snowshoeing, hiking, and birding trips. At the Bell Museum, Minnesota’s natural history museum, Molly was a museum educator and their internal evaluator.

Since 2012, Molly had been helping people either in a direct care role or as an educator. In 2018, Molly decided she wanted to find a way to help people in a broader sense, and this is when she found evaluation. Since then, Molly has partnered with dozens of organizations as an evaluator and as a communications specialist, and her work has been instrumental in improving programs and organizational effectiveness ever since. To learn more, please visit my Linkedin page.

My StrengthsFinder Top 5:

Empathy | Adaptability | Developer | Positivity | Arranger

Enneagram: 2w1

Meyers-Briggs: INFP

Fun Facts: I’m an identical twin, I’m in a band (I am the vocalist), and I’m currently writing a book!

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